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List of Argentine magazines for information on latest movies, fashion, music, entertainments, festivals, recipes, tourism, lifestyles, movies, travel, and more.

Argentine magazines

  • Apertura

    One of the most popular Spanish-language magazines published in Argentina.

  • El Gráfico

    Sports magazine published in Argentina. The magazine emphasis on the game of football also contains articles about other sports including athletics, basketball, rugby, motor racing, tennis, boxing, swimming, rowing, and women's hockey.

  • Noticias

    One of the most widely circulated Argentine news magazines. The magazine published weekly.

  • Punto de Vista Magazine

  • Gente

    Contains articles about movies, sports, economy, jobs, entertainment, shows, music, games, horoscopes, restaurant guide, and more.

  • D&D Diseño y Decoracion

    Interior design magazine from Argentina. The magazine has been published for more than 25 years.

  • Para Ti

    Lifestyle and fashion magazine.

  • Ahora Mamá

    Contains articles about pregnancy plan, childbirth, child care, infant, toys, food, strollers, early childhood, and more.

  • Megautos Argentina

  • La Memoria de Nuestro Pueblo

  • Billiken

    Argentine weekly children's magazine in Spanish language. Founded in founded in 1919 Billiken is one of the oldest magazines in Argentina. Billiken is available in South American countries. The magazine focusing on games, cartoons, stories for the kids, movies, music, celebrities, and more.

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