Hockey Magazines and Websites

List of popular inline, ice, field hockey magazines for latest news, competition, tips, techniques, articles, results, rankings, calendar, coaching information, photos, archives, and more.

Inline and Ice Hockey magazines

  • The Hockey News (THN)

    Canadian ice hockey magazine was founded in 1947 published by Transcontinental. THN based in Toronto, Ontario. Magazine covering the National Hockey League (NHL), statistics, reviews, rankings, minor league, junior, college, and international hockey.

  • Arizona Rubber

    Magazine was founded in 2006 by Good Sport Media. The magazine covering ice and inline hockey and publish 10 times per year.

  • USA Hockey Magazine

    Includes articles about hockey tournaments, camp, preview, national championships, tips from the Stars, equipment, products, accessories, and pools.

  • Inside Hockey Magazine

    Online hockey magazine contains in-depth articles on National Hockey League (NHL), NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship, American Hockey League (AHL), East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), Central Hockey League (CHL), etc. Inside hockey provides hockey related news and articles from around the world including Czech, Finland, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Candad, and USA.

  • Ice Magazine

    Ice hockey magazine for women.

  • Powerplay Magazine

    Ice hockey magazine published in UK. The magazine covering latest news on British Ice hockey, reports, features, profiles, photos, match facts, interviews, and statistics.

  • USA Junior Hockey Magazine

    Covering American junior hockey including Atlantic Hockey League (AJHL), Continental Hockey League (CHA), Empire Hockey League (EJBHL), Interstate Hockey League (IJHL), Minnesota Hockey League (MJHL), Metropolitan Hockey League(MET), Continental Elite Hockey League (CEHL), United States Hockey League (USHL), International Junior Hockey League, and Western States league (WSHL).

Field Hockey magazines

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