Peruvian Magazines Online

List of Peruvian magazines for information on latest movies, fashion, music, entertainments, festivals, recipes, tourism, lifestyles, book reviews, movies, travel, night life, community, and more.

Peruvian magazines

  • Caretas

    Leading news magazine published in Peru. The magazine was founded in 1950. Caretas contains articles about politics, corruptions, justice, transport, culture, international news, music, and more.

  • Etiqueta Negra

    Spanish language Peruvian magazine of literary journalism. The magazine contains in-depth articles about cinema, fashion, stories, features, profiles, essays, stories, cuisine, politics, lifestyles, and more.

  • Con Nuestro Peru

    News magazine published in Peru focusing on economy, gas and energy, history, health, interviews, world news, science and technology, language, culture, and more.

  • Business Peru

    Magazine focusing on economy, finance, management, marketing, real estate, and more.

  • Cosas

    Peruvian magazine also published in Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

  • Rumbos Del Peru

  • Rumbos, Travel magazine

  • Agenda Diplomática

    Bimonthly magazine based in Lima, Peru.

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