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List of bodybuilding and fitness magazines covering fitness, nutrition, exercise, sports, success stories, training tools, industry updates, and more.

Top Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazines

Fitness Magazine Fitness
Monthly American women's health and fitness magazine. The Magazine owned by Meredith Corporation, features in-depth articles on health, exercise, nutrition, success stories, healthy eating, beauty products, and more.

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Men's fitness magazineMen's Fitness
Men's fitness magazine published 10 issues per year by American Media, Inc. The magazine contains articles about fitness, nutrition, weight loss tips, sports, fashion advice, health tips, interviews, recipes, and surveys.

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Oxygen magazineOxygen
Monthly women's fitness magazine featuring fitness, proper nutrition, health, training, success stories, training tools, & industry updates from the female perspective, and much more. Oxygen magazine published by the Robert Kennedy Publishing.

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Flex magazineFlex
Bodybuilding magazine published by American Media, Inc., each issue includes articles on physical fitness, nutrition, strength, bodybuilding, and weight training.

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Muscle and fitness magazineMuscle and Fitness
American bodybuilding magazine published by American Media, Inc. The magazine contains articles about exercise routines, diet, nutrition, sports medicine, kinesiology, weight control and personal appearance.

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Yoga journalYoga Journal
San Francisco, CA based Yoga magazine published by Active Interest Media and featuring yoga, food and nutrition, fitness, wellness, and fashion. International editions of Joga Journal are published in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, Russia, and Spain.

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Iron man magazineIron Man
Magazine was founded in 1936 by Peary and Mabel Rader of Alliance, Nebraska. Iron Man magazine emphasis on weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and nutritional information for the beginner, hardcore bodybuilder, and weight trainer.

Muscular development magazineMuscular Development
Fitness and bodybuilding magazine published 12 times a year.

Power lifting USA magazinePowerlifting USA
Magazine covering powerlifting related issues including nutritional information, lifter interviews, training tips, lifter interviews, rankings, results, and more.

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